Tuesday, October 28, 2003
grumble friggin grumble....
I'm getting grumpy doing my homework for school tonight. I came on to share this little bit of advice with my readers: if you're going to attempt to learn a language (especially one completely foreign to the one you grew up with), be sure to do so before you get too old, making it almost impossibly difficult to do so. I know 29 doesn't seem that old, but suddenly I feel like an old dog trying to learn a new trick. I have a poor memory, and even worse linguistic skills; I was not cut out for this kind of learning, but for whatever reason I am driven to do it like a lemming to a cliff.
I'll tell ya what my problem is....I have a need for immediate gratification, coupled with the absurd need for perfection. What this means is, I wish to speak the language NOW, and FLAWLESSSLY. You can see where this might lead to difficulty, and more importantly, frustration. I must learn patience (hmmmm...I think I've been told that before...).

On top of that my effin' fridge won't shut the hell up. TWO more days to a new fridge. I can't frikkin' wait.

I think what I need right now is a little exercise. I'm gonna walk up the street to the used book store and see what they have. :-)