Tuesday, October 28, 2003
I just called my grandma to tell her about the dream I had in which she beat my sorry ass in a race around a swimming pool. She was greatly amused by the notion. :-)

Btw, I forgot to mention something. The other day when I was out with my friend Melra, we went to a pub. And in this pub the only thing they had resembling dessert was a deep fried Mars bar. (for those not familiar with what a Mars bar is, let alone a deep fried one, click here) So, feeling the need to justify my 3 hour stay since I never order booze, I decided to buy this deep fried Mars bar. I tried not to listen to my arteries as they clogged up just thinking about eating such a food item, nor did I consider the huge calorie intake I was about to ingest.
Soon enough the waitress brought around this huge plate, with this rather phallic looking fried Mars bar, and MOUNDS of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. I thought I was going to be sick just looking at it, especially since I had just eaten dinner and I am by no means a big eater.
Folks, let me just say.....it was heaven. I had no idea. Melra just watched and drooled, living vicariously through my gorging. The chocolate inside the batter coating was all melted, and creamy smooth. *divine* It was surprisingly good, and I will do my best to refrain from eating it on a regular basis. No problem, I think one could get sick of it quickly. Find a place near you and try it. Just ONCE!

I got something strange in the mail yesterday. A sample of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I had seen ads for this, and thought it was a ridiculous product. I have since slightly altered my opinion, as I gave it a quick run around my bathtub. Now, I haven't given it a full test run yet, but the results thus far have been surprisingly promising. I had this brutal dark soap scum crud on my tub that never wants to come off, despite use of bleach and other such super-cleaners. It looks like Mr. Clean might be the answer. The texture of this eraser is very odd. I have no idea what it's made out of, but when you squeeze the foam it doesn't rise back up. So when you use it, it squishes right down and sometimes I put my finger right through the damn thing it gets so thin. Very strange, and I'm not sure about it. (the site says: "First, you wet the eraser with water and then squeeze out the excess. It should be a little damp for use. Remember, this is an eraser—not a sponge—excess water is squeezed out so that it doesn't end up on other surfaces.") Anyway, if you're interested click the link for more info...and you can request a sample!

Here's a site for you to check out: Cliche Kitty. "Every time you masturbate god kills a kitten ... please think of the kittens". LOL!
Don't bother spamming/flaming me just because you don't have a sense of humour. It's a funny site!!