Friday, September 08, 2006
Big Macs be damned!
Well, after months and months of talking about it I have finally decided this was the week I get back into my prior routine of exercise and eating responsibly. Having done it in the past I can at least take comfort in the idea that I am capable, but in the past few months I had picked up a few of my old bad habits (not to mention a few too many pounds) and I haven't been working out and exercising for a year now. So after spending $175 on grocercies (my fridge was *bare* since I haven't been home much the past few weeks) I am now eating good nourishing food again and am resisting the Big Macs that have been calling to me the last little while. Blecch. And money is tight so I can't head back to the gym just yet, but I have exercise tapes that I have been utilizing in my home and my apartment building has a treadmill, stationary bike and weight machine so I have my own little gym right here. In fact, it was part of the reason I wanted to move into this apartment building.

Anyway, that's been my focus this week and it's already starting to pay off. A few pounds are starting to come off and I'm feeling good and strong. My breathing, however, started bothering me again last night..... I might have to talk to my doctor about my asthma again. I had been waiting until my physical a few weeks ago to make sure I would be good to go and got the green light from my doc, provided I used my inhaler daily. Hm, perhaps that's the problem... I'm telling you, I'm the worst patient ever. 'Non-compliance' is my middle name (catchy, no?).

What else is going on? ......
I love chickpeas. I mean I REALLY love chickpeas a lot, and I don't care who knows it. I know it's an odd food to love, but there ya go. Don't you have a strange food you love? Like squash maybe? I also love me some squash.

I have spent many MANY hours obsessing over fonts thanks to John. He had mentioned a site on his blog a while back and that was it, I was off to the races. Annoyingly they have a limit as to how many you can download in an hour (LOL! hard to believe I found out what that max is, but I'm a superstar that way) but you can go back and get more later. Go ahead, join the obsession; you know you want to.

Is anyone on Skype? Finally got myself a mic and headset. Drop me an email if'n ya wanna chat on Skype sometime. Unless you're creepy and have been lurking here for a number of years having said nothing until you get on the horn with me and then all you do is breathe heavy in my ear. If that be the case you need not bother writing me. Continue to lurk if you must.

I have also started obsessing over the new fall season of tv shows. My obsession has included making a calendar for when all the premieres are so I don't miss them and another calendar that shows what day of the week each show is on and at what time. Yes, you may laugh if you wish.... but we'll see who you come to when you want to be filled in on what you missed. ~snort~

One last thing before I go.... has anyone moved a blog before? I mean, just changed the blogger address.. not a move from Blogger to Wordpress or something. What about the archives, how do you take them with you? I need some help here, if you have tips. Thanks.

Shabat Shalom, y'all!