Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Oy, I am feeling seriously burnt out. 10 hours of driving in a 20 hour period was a bit much and I am feelin' it this morning. Got home at midnight last night from Montreal and I am hopping in the car again now to head up north and be on the road for another 3 days. You can only imagine how excited I am at the prospect of another 7 hours of driving in the next couple of days. Even more exciting is the idea that I won't get a day off again until August 5th. Colour me thrilled!!

And I'd love to comment on what's going on in Israel but what more can really be said at this point? Things are getting far uglier than I thought they would with no promise of relief. I find myself defending Israel in conversations with people and hate that I can detect disbelief in their voices when talking to them. I feel like I'm running out of arguments when things (like UN workers getting killed) happen. While I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for what happened (no I don't believe it was deliberate, come ON people!) it doesn't matter.... the world has already decided the truth. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm heading out the door and will likely not be online again 'til Friday. Until then, be good.