Sunday, August 20, 2006
Later Gator!
Some years ago (nearly 10) I was gainfully employed at a pet store, fulfulling a childhood dream and completing the trifecta of dream jobs I have held (record store, toy store, pet store). There I became good friends with a fellow employee and long after the closure of the store we have remained good friends. And of course, we both took pets home from the store and kept them for ourselves, and we became "god parents" to each other's 'children' (neither of us has children, so our cats and dogs are our babies).

I am about to head down to my friend's home to visit, for the last time, one of my nephews... Gator. I got an email last night from my friend saying that dear old Gator wasn't expected to live much longer and it was decided that a barbeque/party would be thrown in his honour, while he is still around to enjoy the celebration. *sigh* I thought it was a great idea and I am off to pick up the tastiest snacks I can find for him. Gator is a sweet old pup.... I think somewhere around12-15 years... and he is simply too tired to fight off the cancer that is ravaging his lymphoides. I hope that his end is swift and painless, and that his celebration today is a joyful one.

Hats off to one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known.