Wednesday, July 12, 2006
alive and kicking (but not too much, it gets me out of breath)
Hey all, sorry for the long delay in posting again. It has been a crazy emotional roller coaster over the last week or so. Not being able to breathe well really does something to the psyche, ya know? Not to mention the STEROIDS that I was on. Holy hell, Prednisone is a horrible, horrible drug! Talk about roid rage..... I was a seriously grumpy girl. Dark clouds followed me everywhere and I was simply not a pleasant girl to be around. To add to the joy I had such charming side effects as massive joint pain in the knees and a debilitating back pain, both of which would arrive like clockwork two hours after my dose of Prednisone. Lotsa fun!

But I am off the steroids and am feeling better. At least I thought I was doing better until I went to the doctor for my follow up and she put the stethoscope to my back to listen to my breathing and said I still had recovered from my asthma attack 9 days earlier. I was a bit pissy about the news, actually. She then proceeded to lecture me about not using my inhalers everyday in my recover as I was told to and said I "had to, had to, HAD TO" start using them twice a day. I have to go back in a week to see her again. *groan*

Thanks for all your support gang, I really appreciate your sweet words and encouragement. (especially that Italian devil who anonymously posted that he thought I was beautiful! A-prrowl!) Thanks to all your support and some good lovin' in my life I am feeling worlds better... my mood is better than ever. Toda raba! (Thank you!!)

On to other topics....

I can no longer ignore the events in Israel and not comment. First it was the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit (an Israeli soldier snatched by Hamas) and Israel's re-entry into Gaza to get him (which they have yet to do). Now I just read that Israeli troops have entered Lebanon in response to two more soldiers being kidnapped by Hizbollah. I find all this extremely disturbing and upsetting.... I know Israel has to defend herself and all, but I also know the world sees this as a bullying tactic and I hate that Israel is constantly misunderstood. The world wouldn't bat an eyelash if the US launched a huge incursion to get one of their own back, but somehow Israel is a big bad monster when they do it. Hell, the US would launch a massive effort to rescue one of their own and then make a damn MOVIE about it and the world would applaud. Israel is spanked by the UK, the UN and half the planet for being this oppressive beast always picking on the little Palestinians. I am so SICK of it.

What's Israel supposed to do? Just sit back and let rockets get lobbed into their country from Gaza? Because hundreds had been falling into various towns for weeks before the kidnapping, you understand. The kidnapping was just the final straw that finally made Israel say "enough". Is Israel supposed to apologize for their policy of doing whatever it takes to save one of their own? This is a country that would not exist if not for its soldiers standing guard each and every day, so you're damn right Israel will do what it takes to protect her guardians (read this moving article truly understand why Israel goes to such lengths to save but one soldier). Do I like that Israel has to stage massive operations in order to do it? No. But I know Israel has to stand up and fight or else more soldiers and civilians will be kidnapped.

Go get your soldiers back Israel, and make no apologies to anyone.