Monday, January 02, 2006
di = w
Ok, so some of you may recall that I received a Star Wars video game as a gift this fine holiday season. You may or may not know that I am reather obsessive about the game and like to play it for hours on end. Such is the way I am with a good game.

Recently (and stay with me here if you aren't a Star Wars fan) I got stuck on a level of the game that required me (the bad guy) to kill a whole lotta Jedis (the good guys). And after wasting more time than I care to admit to, I found that I was just wholly incapable of getting past this level. A gun is really no match for a lightsaber, let alone so many lightsabers. Frustration finally drove me to do what any good gamer would do.. I went searching online. I needed a tip, a strategy.. hell, I wasn't above a cheat if it helped me end my frustration! Just help me kill these pesky Jedis!!!

And so I went to Google and I typed in: "star wars battlefront 2 pc kill jedis". And then Google, wondering if I had mistyped my search offered it's usual helpful suggestion of an alternate spelling. Right underneath my search it read: "Did you mean: star wars battlefront 2 pc kill jews". My jaw DROPPED. No, I most certainly did NOT mean 'kill jews'!!!

Go ahead and click the thumbnail for a bigger view of the screenshot. I can't make this stuff up!