Monday, August 29, 2005
T minus 14 hours
So what does a girl do in her final hours before traveling? Well, at the moment I am listening/watching "Your Mama", possibly the most catchy song ever (thanks for sticking this in my head, ocB!!!!) while eating a giant bowl of porridge that I made. I had actually not meant to make a bowl this big but.. er... well I misread the directions. "Ohhhhh... 2/3 WATER, 1/3 oats.... not the other way around!" Duh. Had to strain my tired and anxious brain to do the math to get the ratio right again, and of course got a giant bowl of oatmeal out for my efforts.

I'm also eating it with *ample* amounts of brown sugar because I have a horrible horrible bitter taste in my mouth from a sleeping pill I took last night. I was aware of this side effect having taken it before, but I felt sleep was more important than how my milk would taste in the morning (which incidentally, tastes horribly sour and awful). I got almost 6 hours sleep and they were good hours, without the usual tossing and turning. This is good, I am hoping to be totally exhausted when I get on the plane tonight and maybe I'll get some sleep on the plane. Not likely, but a girl can dream.

So I'm just going to do some last minute running around and then I am dropping my computer off at Princess Blondie's so she can tuck it away in a safe place for me. I'll post again before I leave... plane takes off at 11:25pm.