Sunday, August 28, 2005
and my fears are coming true....
Reports are coming in of a suicide bomber detonating himself after trying unsuccessfully to get on a bus in the the southern Israeli town of Be'er Sheva. Apparently a bus driver spotted the suspicious looking man and reported him to some guards who blocked him from entering.

This is twice in recent memory that this town has been hit when in the past it was never really targeted. The last time a suicide bomber attacked that town was almost exactly a year ago... I remember because I was in Israel at the time. I remember thinking... Be'er Sheva?? They never attack Be'er Sheva! Then again, I guess they attack wheverever they can get to.

This also worries me because Yael, who just moved from New York to Israel, will be commuting into Be'er Sheva from Tel Aviv. But hey.. if the terrorists think that suicide bombings got them Gaza, why would they stop, right?