Sunday, August 28, 2005
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you tomorrow!
Oy, this is it. One more sleep away from leaving all my creature comforts and the life I know to go on a character building adventure to Israel. I have *no* idea what the future holds and when I allow myself to daydream I come up with all kinds of scenarios; sometimes I imagine finding a dreamy Israeli man and staying there,and sometimes I imagine running home screaming, having had enough of Israel and Israelis. I figure 5 months is enough time to provide me with all kinds of answers, perhaps to some questions I didn't even know I had.

I was told the program outline looks a little like this (anyone from Livnot who's reading this can feel free to correct me): Hebrew classes = 3x week for 1 hr each; Jewish Ethics/ Community Service = average 5 hrs wk (classes & workshop); Israel (geo-political, environment, socio-econ, etc ) = 15 hr a wk (often done during hikes); Jewish History = 2x wk for 2 hrs each (current events, Zionism, etc.); Jewish Laws/Customs = 8 hrs wk; Bible study (text-discussion) = 2x week for 2 hrs each; Also, 1 to 2 free evenings a wk and 1 free weekend a month. Shabbat is observed as a group.

Sounds pretty cool, no? And yay!! Hebrew classes!! I love learning Hebrew. :-) I am really looking forward to this program.. I like the looks of what I'll be learning.

But for now I need to get through the next 36 hours and get myself ready. Yesterday I got *zero* done in terms of trip preparations as it was spent with friends, from morning to night. I had a great time with my friends and am really glad I'll have those memories to hang onto.
Today won't be a lot better as my grandmother will be driving down from up north to visit and see me off, which means the day will be spent with the family. This is why I am up at 6am, so that I can try and get some stuff done before the family events beginning around noon. Today is the day I attempt to close my luggage.

Speaking of luggage, my new Hungarian friend Noorster has been giving me great advice and has been so sweet and helpful. The problem is that my luggage is going to be over the crazy-low weight restriction that this airline has (20kg/40lbs) and so I am fearing the money I am going to have to sink into paying for the extra weight. This could cost me a bundle. *gulp* I'll weight my luggage today and see.

Oh... and the last three posts I've written? All done on my new laptop! :-)