Friday, August 26, 2005
is... is that a light I see up ahead??
Well, I think I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have more or less finished the packing, with just a few keys items in the laundry to add in a bit later. I haven't actually tried putting it ALL in the suitcase yet, so I could still find myself surprised in the end by finding it either doesn't fit or is over the acceptable weight. Here's hoping something finally goes my way and that all will fit.

Yesterday was a bit crazy as I was in a strange zombie state from lack of sleep. I went back to my office one last time for a farewell and was greeted with cake and presents. So sweet. And then I went off for a haircut and fell asleep several times throughout. Came home, had a nap, and then got up and finished the packing. But sleep remains elusive as I tossed and turned nearly the entire night. I'm starting to resemble the walking dead a bit (at one point someone walking through the hair salon yesterday stopped and asked if I was alright! wow, how wasted must I look!?). I must be worrying more about this trip than I think I am because I am soaked in sweat every night as I try and sleep.... nightmares and worries are keeping me up. Zzzzzzz. I need sleep and I don't think I'll be getting any until sometime next week.

This morning I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my laptop. According to the tracking number on UPS it's on route for delivery even as we speak, so hopefully in the next hour or so it will finally be in my hot little hand. I need to get a wireless card and all that, and get it ready for my trip (load Firefox and bookmarks and such) so I really wish it would show up already! It had better work or that's one dead eBay seller.

That's about it. I promise my posting will get infinitely more exciting once I am in the Holy Land..... 3 days to take off!

(P.S. is anybody else using Blogger noticing that the window in which you write your post is doing something weird? I have no buttons for previewing, adding URLs, spellcheck, etc.. I have tried IE too and it doesn't look like it's the browser.... but it's been doing it since yesterday. wtf?)