Tuesday, August 23, 2005
the countdown is on
6 more days til I pack up and move my life over to Israel for awhile. Yesterday wasn't much of a good day, but have any recent days been? Work relationships have been strained as I announced yesterday that today would be my last day. This caused some grief since I was expected to stay until Friday; um... pardon me for not wanting to work until Friday when I leave on Monday and I have *just a few* things to do between now and then. It's not fair nor rational to expect I would work until the last possible minute. My boss begged me to come in for a half day tomorrow and I said we would discuss it at the end of the day today.

I am making list upon list of things I need to do and people I need to see before I go. Bank number 2 turned me down for money too, so I need to figure out just how I think I'm going to pay for all this (I don't think I need to drone on about how stressed I am about that). Looks like it's going to be credit cards. *gulp* I also need to get my paws on some Euros so I don't starve while I spend a day in Budapest. Yes, that's right.. I leave Canada Aug 28th, land in Budapest, get to spend the day there and then hop on another flight and land in Israel the next day (how nice is my friend who is picking me up at 3:45am at the airport in Israel??). How many Euros will I need while I am there? How can I take a tour of the city while I am there? Where and when do I propose to get sleep??? (no I am not one of those lucky individuals who can sleep on a plane. I only wish!) Speaking of sleep I finally crashed into bed at 9:30pm last night after too many nights of no sleep. I slept until 6:30am this morning but woke up twice in the middle of the night wringing wet with sweat.... and I mean *pools* of sweat from the nightmares I was having. Nothing like fumbling for towels and clean sheets in the middle of the night. sigh.

I will not stress. I will not stress. I WILL NOT STRESS!!!!

My home is a mess of boxes and luggage and laundry waiting to be done. Who knew walking away from my life here would be so damn messy?? I hate the mess it makes me stress out more... I'm a girl who likes to be a little more organized than this. It helps me stay sane. I tells ya, life was a helluva lot easier when I was a boozehound and I could just check out of reality when things got too tough. LOL! Oh well, as the saying goes, time to deal with life on life's terms.

I am sad that I am not going to have time to say goodbye to a few people like I wanted. I bid farewell to my meditation group which was actually a lot harder than I thought. I did a lot of healing in those rooms and it helped calm my stress. And they are just darn nice folks. I am seeing some of my closest friends on Saturday as we go for one last "geek outing" before I leave...... a comic book/sci-fi expo. Yeah! Go ahead and laugh, but we have fun geeking out and laughing at the uber-geeks that dress up in full costume. And come on, look at the guests! Elijah Wood, Clive Barker, Crispin Glover and half the bloody cast of Star Trek and Star Wars! Shatner, man... Shatner!!!

Anyway... I gotta finish up things here at work and pack up my office. I can't remember the last time I've been without a job... so this is a bit of a weird feeling for me. And I've certainly never quit a job so I could move to another country! haha..... life is strange, kids.... life is strange.