Monday, August 29, 2005
I'm leaving on a jetplane
"Ooh, I just know that something good is going to happen.
And I don't know when,
But just saying it could even make it happen."

That's it... I am finally out of here in a few short hours. I have a date with destiny and she doesn't want to be kept waiting.

I would like to thank you all SO much for making this possible. It was your words of encouragement that made me think I could do it and your unbelievable generosity that helped make it happen. I can, without doubt, say that you guys are directly responsible for helping make this happen. Where would I be without you?? When I started this blog almost 2 years ago I don't think I knew how much it would transform my life... and now we will see where it takes me. I hope you follow along and see where all your hard earned donations go to and watch me as I journey within and without.

I promise I will blog as often as I can but I have no idea how often that will be for the first three months, it might only be once a week... twice if I am lucky. The last two months should be better so hang in there. But most upsettingly I won't be able to read everyone else's blogs as often. Oh the withdrawal!! How will I keep up with you guys?!?

For those into RSS feeds (perhaps a better option for monitoring blogs who don't update everyday) the feed address for this blog is: Use it in good health. :-)

And now I bid you farewell.... I'll see you on the other side.

"Well... you didn't wake up this morning,
'cause you didn't go to bed.
You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red!

The calendar on your wall -- is ticking -- the days off.

You've been reading some old letters.
You smile and think how much you've changed.
All the money in the world couldn't buy back those days.

You pull back the curtains, and the sun burns into your eyes.
You watch a plane flying across a clear blue sky.
THIS IS THE DAY -- Your life will surely change.
THIS IS THE DAY -- When things fall into place."