Sunday, August 14, 2005
I spy
I just finished playing the video game "No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way". Brilliant game!!!! The storyline and movies between levels were absolutely hilarious and the main character (played by you) is a spy named Cate Archer. It's set in the 60's and your character is a total hottie in 60's outfits with a smashing British accent. The jokes and supporting characters are hysterical and I found myself laughing outloud numerous times. And in true spy fashion you get all kinds of crazy gadgets like a makeup compact that opens up into a decoder, a mascara brush that turns into a stun gun, and an electronic kitty that explodes when enemies try to pet it! Really a great great game, if you're a player I highly recommend it. Fabulous story and beautiful graphics, all laced with a fantastic sense of humour. (thanks for hooking me up with the game, Mulder! xo)

Speaking of computers, Princess Blondie's hubby, Bruno, called me this morning to point out an ad he saw this morning for a new laptop. It looks like a pretty good deal and the best part is that I wouldn't have to pay for a year and there's no interest on approved credit. Take a look and tell me what you think.... for $649 it looks like a good deal. I would upgrade the drive so that it plays dvds too and add a wireless card to it, but other than that it would be good to go. What do you want to bet that if I got the damn thing the other laptop I bought would finally show up in the mail?

And speaking of mail (sort of) I was reading Celtic Cross's blog post about another blogger's fight with comment spam and I thought.... wow, I have been really lucky because nearly every blogger I know has had to contend with comment spam and I haven't really had a problem. I wondered if my blog was just so small that it flew under the radar, and if that's the case I'm happy because it would be a bitch to deal with. And no word of a lie, an hour or two after I thought that I got comment spam on my photoblog. And then an hour after that I got ANOTHER one on my photoblog. WTF?!!? Is that what I get for even *thinking* it?! How is that fair?? Spammers are mind readers too, or what? Pfft. Ok, I challenge you.
I wish I had 5 million dollars......