Tuesday, August 09, 2005
climbing the mountain of debt
First of all let me just tell ya... I was *glued* to the tv this morning watching the shuttle landing. I actually teared right up and nearly cried (and even clapped!) when they landed. I was *terrified* for those on board, I really was. WHEW. I am so glad they made it home safe. And then when mission control welcomed them home?? Oh yes, that was worthy of a tear. Welcome home indeed.

Anyway, I won't bore you with details of my weekend except to say that I have been on a shopping rampage for my trip to Israel. This past weekend it was a trip to Mountain Equipment Co-Op for hiking boots, two flashlights (one for the hand, one for my head), a new backpack (I had shoulder surgery a number of years ago so I need a good pack that spreads the weight out), 2 pairs of socks for the hiking boots, and a 3 litre camel pack (made in Israel!!) for taking water on the hike. My face went ashen at the cash register as the price was totalled and I handed over my bank card. This trip is costing me a fortune before I even get on a plane! Speaking of which, I got my plane ticket last week.... $2010. *choke!* I don't want to really think about it, but I've probably already spent somewhere around $3000, none of which is really mine (credit cards and loans and overdraft, oh my!). I am sailing into debt with a smile on face and the hope that this will all work out in the end. *gulp* I must keep the faith, I must keep the faith, I must keep the faith......

I am, however, currently getting screwed over by someone on eBay to the tune of about $550. I bought a laptop on eBay because let's face it, I'm way to poor to get a new laptop, and this was the cheapest way I could do it. Yes, I knew I was taking my chances and now with exactly 3 weeks left until I leave it's crunch time and the computer is STILL not here (I won the auction July 15th). I was told it was shipped July 19th and would be here in 4 -7 business days. Um... so where is it? I have opened a dispute on eBay with the seller and have tried to press the matter as best I can because I don't have a whole lot of time to resolve this dispute and these things take time. The seller is saying I'm shit out of luck because he shipped it and it's out of his hands. I checked the tracking number and all that USPS is showing is that it was received on July 19th. It's not saying if it left the US, it's not saying if it arrived in Canada, and it sure as hell isn't showing a signature to prove it was received. I am telling the guy to either give me my money back so I can quickly pick up a new one or send me another laptop. I don't have time to frig around, I need it now. I need to time to get that laptop loaded and ready for my trip. Grrrr...... I don't have a good feeling about how this is going to go. Anyone else had a dispute on eBay? How did you resolve it? Any suggestions or ideas?

Anyway, I am back at work and wearing my hiking boots in an effort to break them in before I go. I am wearing them out shopping, around the house, at work...for however long I can stand them, I wear them. I don't want to go through the pain of breaking them in later.. I'd rather get the blisters over with now, ya know?

Speaking of eBay auctions and the Holy Land... check out this auction. Go ahead.... scroll down... and then tell me what Jesus has to do with a plug converter/adapter set, if you can.