Thursday, July 28, 2005
bracelets or bust!!
Alright, that's it. I'm having a really miserable week and I'm enlisting the help of my readers to help make me feel better. How? It's quite simple, really. We make a deal..... I will post again just as soon as I sell FIVE more bracelets. Yes, you heard me... no more posting until a few more fine readers step up to bat and help me reach my dream. And NO Sam, this does NOT mean you can buy five since you have done MORE than anyone else to help me in all this. I'm sorry I have to do this folks, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it seems that everyone has forgotten about this because I backed off on the nagging.

Ok? Ok. Here's hoping my blog won't be on hiatus for too long....
(updates will be added at the bottom of this post)

UPDATE: 1 bracelet down, 4 to go. A great big thanks to TechWench who managed to make me smile and applaud when I saw her order and little note that came with it. Thanks, I owe you a big wet one. *wink*

UPDATE: In a first EVER cross promotion, TechWench (webdesign goddess that she is) is offering a discount on a customized template to anyone who buys a bracelet from me. For full details go here. This is such an unbelievably good deal you would be foolish to pass it up! I think I owe TechWench more than a big wet one, now... heh. THANK YOU!!!

UPDATE: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 bracelets down, 3 to go! A big shout out to 3T, who decided to take advantage of the wonderful (and limited time!) cross promotion offered by TechWench. Thanks for your support!!

UPDATE: I am back from visiting my grandma up north, and still riding the long weekend high. I was thrilled to come home and find an order for a bracelet from one of the wonderful staff at Livnot. Toda raba, Yehonatan!!!! I will mail it out tomorrow!
3 bracelets down, 2 to go!

UPDATE: There is hope!!!!! I just received another order for a bracelet from Chana and Alan in Phoenix, Az. Thank you so very much, you have brought me nearly to the end of this blog hostage taking!! ONLY ONE MORE TO GO!!! Who will be the one to bring me back to blogging and help send me to Israel all with one swift purchase??

FINAL UPDATE: I just received an email from MatzahNatcho saying she will be mailing me money for a bracelet, thereby ending this hostage seige with the blog. Thank you SO MUCH for your generous purchase... it will take me far. And just in time! Now I can blog about this crazy plane crash here in Toronto! Go to MatzahNacho's blog as a thank you for ending the madness! :-D

And a BIG thank you to one and all for your patience and kindness. I am humbled by your generosity. This includes Cassiopeia who just went to the trouble write a new plug for me in her blog, complete with photo and big description (and nod to ocB who designed my sexy "help celestial blue" button!). Thank you Cassiopeia, just because the hostage seige has ended doesn't mean my need for help has. I need all the publicity I can get, so it is much appreciated. Similar thanks goes to Yossef for yet another mention of me on his blog (his efforts to get me to Israel have been very sweet) and to my new blogging buddy, Peninah, who has also made mention of my plight on one of her blogs;(Firefox users will need to view the blog using IE); she has cheered me up greatly today.

Somehow 'thank you' seems to inadequate sometimes. :-)