Wednesday, August 03, 2005
thar she blows!
So I nearly cried today at the sushi place when they got my order wrong. I'm quite sure it wasn't the wrong order that brought me to the edge of a meltdown so much as a culmination of things, with the wrong order acting as the cherry on top.

Prior to the sushi moment I had a lousy workout because I was in a foul mood because just prior to that I had been arguing with the post office over the cost of shipping to Israel. And before that it was a day spent stressing at work including more than an hour on the phone with tech support (only to have my problem NOT solved after all that trouble), talking to travel agents about pricing, talking to banks about money, talking to friends and fellow bloggers about money, talking to my doctor about the trip, my health and how I can get some sleep because I can't anymore because I sit up all night stressing about.... yes, money.

Anyway, I didn't come on here to whine or beg for more money. Just explaining why I am feeling quiet today. Perhaps my mood will be different tomorrow.... I am a woman, afterall.