Wednesday, August 10, 2005
World War 3
Well, if you read my post yesterday you know that I am in the midst of a battle with a seller on eBay about a laptop I bought. I was told it would ship in 4-7 days and three weeks later it's still not here. I leave for Israel in 19 days, I need that laptop now!!

Anyway, in an effort to light a fire under the seller's ass I created a blog that gives the full and complete story. And by full and complete I mean that I have published every single email between us, to date. I have tried repeatedly to get him to help me resolve this, I even opened a dispute, and he has ignored me for the most part. I have finally had to escalate this to a claim through eBay, which at best means I will only get back $200 of the $500+ owed to me. That's assuming I qualify for a claim.

If you could all do me a big favour and just visit the blog where I wrote about it, called "Why laptop-wholesaler is a thief" (subtle enough, ya think?). I don't expect you all to read the very long sordid tale but I would like the visitor/site counter to reflect the fact that I am getting the word out about him and maybe when he sees lots of visitors he will consider finally getting off his ass to do something. That and I really would like to spare anyone else from having to ever deal with him.


UPDATE: I have emailed eBay. I have emailed the seller and let him know there is a blog just for him. I have tried calling US Customs to see if my package is there. No luck. A friend of mine even called the post office that the item was shipped from and had no luck there either. I have just gotten off the phone with Visa and asked about disputing the payment of my item (via Bidpay) and they said I have to wait until Aug 28th. That would be the day before I leave. Not very handy.

I have spent over $3700 on this trip and I have very little money left for when I actually go. I am stressed and this trip is becoming much less fun by the minute. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day....