Tuesday, August 16, 2005
stressed? WHO'S STRESSED???????
Ok, so is the world out to get me or am I just paranoid? It all started with that deadbeat seller on eBay who is STILL screwing me over and not even answering my emails anymore (which included such important questions such as "Is it insured or isn't it?? I PAID for it to be insured!!"). And yesterday in a bizarre turn of events my Firefox browser up and decided to dump all my bookmarks. Poof! I thought I had restored them but I am missing all my bookmarks from N-Z. Wtf?? I love you, Firefox!! Why have you forsaken me?? And as a cherry on top a co-worker came into my office yesterday and said "Hey, did you know someone had keyed your car??". I flipped out. Last week $850 was dropped on that car to replace a cracked windshield, put new brakes in, and get the license sticker updated and now some rat bastard has taken a key and dragged it down the side of my car for no good reason!?!?! (for those who have been lucky enough to avoid such a scenario and are unfamiliar with what it looks like you can see a pic here. mercifully mine wasn't quite that bad)


Ok, ok.. I have vented. I am ok now. I must remain focused on my preparations for my trip to Israel. Five months is a long time to plan for so I must be methodical and logical about my planning, packing and spending. As it is things are looking a little tight on the money front and it's starting to suck the fun and excitement out of things. I'm stressing (how unusual). I have an appointment to go to the bank at 6pm tonight to talk to someone about raising the limit on my line of credit. If they say yes (which I won't know for 24-48 hours) I will be *immensely* relieved and extremely happy. If not I will remain a bit on the tense side as I work on a new game plan. Here's hoping they say yes, hm? Could be worse... I could be stressing like Yael who is MOVING to Israel today from New York. You go girl!!!! I'll see you in Tel Aviv!!!

Here, this is good for destressing... "Stuff On My Cat".