Monday, June 06, 2005
will she ever stop talking about these bracelets??
The simple answer is no. I can't afford to stop talking about them because the funds I raise from these bracelets are crucial to whether or not I get to go on this trip. So I am going to keep harassing... er... I mean... reminding you all that you too can help by chipping in $12 to help me get to Israel by clicking the Buy Now button at the end of this post. (again, if you are just joining us and don't know what I am referring to I strongly encourage you to read this)

That being said I don't want this blog to be non-stop talk about my trip. I'm not *quite* that egocentric, and I certainly don't want to bore you. So on with regular programming..

A few things:
(1) I don't recommend leaving chocolate in your pocket. It *will* melt. And if you are foolish enough to do so I recommend you do NOT put your cellphone in said pocket. What can I say? I have been stressing over this trip and money and such... my brain sort of checked out of my head for a bit.

(2) I have a new favourite product, and it is cinnamon flavoured toothpaste. At first I thought it sounded like a vile concept but when I tried it I actually really liked it. Some toothpaste, the minty stuff, leaves a bit of an icky aftertaste. Not so with this toothpaste! It leaves a nice clean feeling with just a hint o' cinnamon. Come on, try it... I know you want to.

(3) I know I'm really slow getting to this, but hurray for a Canadian winning the Miss Universe pageant, confirming for me that Toronto in fact IS the centre of the universe. :-P I was also rooting for Miss Israel, of course, but I gotta say... I didn't think she was all that pretty (though this picture makes me look like a liar).

(4) Thanks to Occasional Bitch I cannot stop playing this Squares game. The music is hypnotic and the game is addictive. Go ahead, try not to play it, I double-dawg dare ya!

(5) That is one seriously BIG catfish. It weighs more than I do!!!

(6) "Second Thoughts" is an amazing blog that tips you off to deals you can get online. Who doesn't love free stuff??

(7) Speaking of blogs, I'd like you all to check out chicagoG's new blog. Coz we love Israelis who blog!

(8) NOW do you believe in UFOs?

(9) It's supposed to reach a high of 36C/96.8F here today. What gives??? If I wanted it this hot I'd live in Israel!

(10) Ok, I have to bring things back around to the bracelets now (see how sly I am?). I need to thank the following people for helping me out by purchasing a bracelet: Patricia, Rinat, Michael F., Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Megan, Tzemach Atlas, Sandra, Rey, and the girl with the newly renovated blog, Tech Wench.

(11) No, I'm not done there! I need to also thank the following blogs who made mention of me on their blog and helped me promote this very important fundraising effort (if I have forgotten you please let me know!): Silent Running, Mental Blog, Willow Tree and a very special thank you to Cassiopeia who even went so far as to take a picture of the bracelet she had just received! Another good friend, si, also took a picture of the new bracelet she got. See? ALL the cool kids have them (and those two aren't even Jewish!).
Also, a big wet one goes out to Occasional Bitch who made the lovely "Help celestial blue" button you see at the top of my sidebar. Now if only I could get the words around it to look the way I want to..... (I've wasted more time than I care to admit trying to fine tune it. think maybe I should learn some html?)

(12) One last special thanks to my Australian friend Neil, and my best friend and Survivor buddy Princess Blondie who both made rather sizeable donations, skipping the bracelet order altogether. I am extremely moved by your generosity and selflessness. Thank you.

And that's it for now.... thanks again for the huge outpouring of support!! KEEP IT UP!!
Want to buy a bracelet and help me get to Israel? click the Buy Now button and show your support for me and for Israel!