Monday, May 30, 2005
so much for moving to Israel one day...
I am nearly speechless at this report I just found outlining how "Haifa Police Chief Nir Mariash said Monday Israel should change existing immigration laws to prevent alcoholics and known criminals from making aliya (moving to Israel)".

I'm sorry.... what?? Criminals.... yes. I can understand. But alcoholics? EXCUSE ME? I don't care what reasoning you try and apply, last time I checked being an alcoholic wasn't a crime. Indeed, many classify it as a disease (since it is chronic, progressive and will often lead to death if left untreated). So let me ask then... would you turn someone away because they have cancer? It could be argued that someone with cancer would be a burden on the system if s/he moved to Israel and immediately went on government financial assistance while receiving treatment and not working. Or are you saying that most alcoholics are criminals (as implied in the article)? Frankly, neither answer is acceptable.

I know it's a stretch, but what can I say... as a recovering alcoholic I am a bit offended at being lumped in with criminals. And to think that it's even a possibility that I could be turned away from Israel because of my past and despite being 6 years sober.... well I have to admit I am very disappointed.

On a happier note.... I got in my items for my fundraising!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Now if my bank would just quit dragging it's feet and set up my new bank account I'd be set to sell; I want to have a separate bank account for my fundraising so I can keep track of the money and not let it get mixed up with my personal account. As soon as I am open for business I'll let you know!