Tuesday, May 24, 2005
1) I can't wait until the birds in my neighbourhood all find mates and start making nests and babies. Then they will finally shut the hell up (wouldn't want to give away the location of the nest!) and stop waking me up at 5am. As proficient as I have become at rolling over in my sleep and jamming earplugs into my ears, I'd really rather not. They're not the most comfortable things to sleep in.

2) do the tv gods hate me or something? First they cancelled my beloved "Third Watch" and now they have taken "Joan of Arcadia" from me??? Thanks for ruining Friday night tv for me and robbing me of two of my very favourite shows. Next season had better be good.

3) Speaking of tv seasons, does anyone else remember when it used to be September to June? None of this October to May with a month off in the middle crap. Are we not the customers? Why are WE told when we can see our shows instead of demanding when we want to see it??

4) Speaking of tv did anyone see the season finale of CSI that was directed by Quentin Tarantino? I really liked it and it definitely smacked of Quentin (and of Kill Bill).

5) I can't stop playing poker. I got the poker bug, BAD. I play online far too much but I just can't help myself!!!

6) the massive house cleaning/junk purging continues with liberatingly awesome results. I am feeling great having rid myself of junk I will never use. Deciding to put it all in a garage sale really eases any guilt about letting stuff go; if I can sell it and get myself that much closer to the money I need for my 5 month Livnot trip to Israel I'm all the happier.

7) I really wish the stuff I ordered for my fundraising efforts for the trip would hurry up and get here so I can show you guys. I'm so excited!! (anyone wanna help me design some kind of ad/graphic/banner/button that I can use and maybe ask other bloggers to put on their blog to help me out?

8) I'm totally getting all teary eyed watching Rob and Amber get married on tv right now. Could those two be ANY SWEETER?? ucch. I'd hate them if only they weren't so adorable together.

9) I have a new favourite cereal and it is the Kellogg's Star Wars cereal.