Monday, May 23, 2005
a ha!
I'm riding a nervous excitement at the moment... I have decided how I am going to raise some money for this 5 month Livnot trip to Israel I am going on. An idea came to me and I am far more excited about it than the calendar idea (though I liked that idea a lot and had picked out pictures I wanted to use and everything). The nervousness comes from the fact that I just invested a fair chunk of change online to order the items I wish to sell to raise the funds.... but I think it will be met favourably and will likely do better than the calendar (lower price, snazzier item). I feel like I'm on an episode of The Apprentice! Will my idea pay off? Will I be able to market it? Will I be stuck with the product? Gahhhhhh!!!

Anyway, I know I am being cryptic about what it is, but all will be revealed soon enough. Hopefully I will receive the items next week and in the meantime I need to hurry about and set up a bank account specifically set aside for fundraising; I don't want the money going into the pit known as my personal account. I want to be able to track things, ya know? *glee!* I hope you guys like this idea as much as I do.

As for my weekend, it has been good and in fact, is still going on. We Canadians get our first long weekend of the summer season thanks to Victoria Day (known in these parts as the "May Two-Four"). This has given me a chance to see some friends, recover from the disappointment of the Star Wars movie (post about that still coming, I swear), and to do some *major* cleaning of my apartment. I figure I should do the hardcore cleaning and purging of junk that has built up over the last few years, and I mean REALLY throw out junk I'll never use. Always easier said than done, but in the next few months I will either be moving to Israel for a while or I will be moving to a new apartment and taking on a roommate. Either way I need to get a handle on what I actually need and what I can let go of.

Thanks to everyone who offered kinds words for Princess Blondie during her recent loss. You are all very sweet and it's appreciated. I spent Friday night with her talking and hanging out and just generally being there however I could. She and her fiance are doing remarkably well and we are now turning the focus to their wedding on June 18th. I can't wait!

Have a great week everyone!