Wednesday, May 18, 2005
let the geekfest begin!!
The countdown to the new Star Wars movie is ON! My friend has already called me and played the Star Wars theme music over the phone and annoyed me with his high level of giddiness. Yes, I am excited but we have a whole work day ahead of us... I haven't quite reached the fever pitch of excitement that he has. I'm also trying not to think about the fact that I will be dog-tired tomorrow at work, likely functioning on 4 hours of sleep; it's a midnight show.... the movie, including trailers and such will be around 2.5 hours... all going well I will be in bed by 3am... and up again at 7am. Oh what we geeks won't do for our obsessions.

In preparation for the new film tonight my friends and I got together last night to watch the prior movie, Star Wars; Attack of the Clones, just as a refresher since I only saw it once three years ago in the theatre (I hated it so I didn't bother to watch it again). I am really hoping that George Lucas redeems himself in this film for his 2 prior pieces of crap that have stomped all over my beloved childhood memories of the Star Wars trilogy. He can start winning me back by killing off Jar Jar Binks and bringing back Darth Maul. Seriously, what moron in his right mind kills off the coolest character since Boba Fett and KEEPS the most annoying character since the Ewoks?? Oy, don't even get me started.

Anyway, my friends and I have planned our lineup time for 8pm... 4 hours in advance of the start time of the movie. Will it be enough? Will we get our favourite seats at the very back? (you laugh, but I had a dream about getting seats, I'm so worried about it! lol) I guess we'll see... we have one of the gang going a little early to scout the place to make sure there isn't a big lineup forming. Around Toronto there are several theatres where people have been lining up DAYS in advance (yes, there are bigger geeks out there than me, and they all shop at Star Wars but we'll be going to a theatre in the very north end of the area so I am hoping that means the lineup will be considerably smaller... though I know our theatre is sold out. Only time will tell! I'll give you the full review tomorrow. (ah and by the way... note that two of the lead roles, are being played by a Canadian and an Israeli. what could be better??)

In other news I found out something that has me mildly disturbed. My parents are going to be moving into my apartment building. And not only are they moving into my apartment building... they will be getting the apartment RIGHT above my head. See... they put their house up for sale and it sold within 24 hours and has a closing date of June 30th. However, their new home, currently under construction, won't be ready until December. Thus them needing to find a temporary home, and just as luck would have it, there is a two bedroom available in my building on June 1st. *groan*

Now then.... do I really need to outline the pros and cons of this situation?
Pro: I can go upstairs for dinner!

Con: if I should happen to get a boyfriend sometime this year... well, they will now know when he stays over. Not exactly private.

Pro: I will get to see my cat more often (I left him with our other cat at my parents when I moved out.. couldn't split them up, I felt too bad). Now my boy can come down and visit with me.

Con: Our bedrooms are right on top of each other. Let's just say.... I don't want to hear my parents (*shudder*) and I don't ever want them to hear me.

Pro: Um....... Um...... er....

Con: Now I'll have to actually use the laundry facilities in my building, which I haven't for the last 3 years I've lived there. They're crappy and I had been taking my laundry over to my parents place where they have the sexiest washer and dryer ever. Now I have to use crappy machines that cost money. This is perhaps one of the most annoying parts of all.

Pro: We can borrow milk and sugar from each other?

Con: Now they are going to know when I come and go and what kind of hours I keep. This is starting to feel a lot like living at home with them. GAHHHHHHH!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.... this is definitely going to be a very interesting year.