Saturday, May 07, 2005
I love you sweet, sweet weekend
So I was going to write a post yesterday but I was so miserable and grumpy and angry that it would have sounded much like this: $%#*work@? $#!crisis*&% +stress#$%!
See how that wouldn't have made for a very good post? I had possibly the most craptacular week at work that I can remember and it was punctuated with the worst and slowest moving Friday ever. It was the day that simply would NOT end. And since this week would only leave kicking and screaming I was rewarded with a cherry on top of the crap sundae..... a huge traffic jam on the way home because of an overturned dump truck. Took me twice as long to get home.

But hey... it was ok. It was all ok because I knew I had the weekend to look forward to and the weather promised to be good. So my friend (who is staying with me this week and next) and I ordered a pizza, chilled out, watched the series finale of my beloved show Third Watch (I can't talk about it yet... I'm so sad it's ended) and then went and grabbed a late night coffee with another friend. The three of us sat and discussed our plans for the upcoming Star Wars movie and how early we will have to stand in line to get the seat we want. We already have tickets to the midnight show on May 18th (making it technically the 19th, the legal release date) and we are pumped, excitable little geeks. We're hoping George Lucas amends his ways and redeems himself for the two previous shitty films. *fingers crossed*

For today I am doing whatever the hell strikes my fancy and helps me deflate and recover from my bad week. My friend has gone off on his own for the day so I went and grabbed some groceries and picked up a little present for my mom for Mother's Day tomorrow. My parents and I will be heading up north to see my grandmother for Mother's Day which will make her very happy. We'll eat and play cards which constitutes a great time by our standards. :-)

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend and that the weather is as nice wherever you are as it is here.

P.S. Ilana over at Sugar 'N Spicy used one of the photos I took in Israel (Haifa) for her banner on her blog, check it out here!