Thursday, May 05, 2005
Holocaust Remembrance Day
It's days like this that make me wish I was in Israel. I can only imagine the power of watching an entire country come to a standstill as sirens wail and people stand in a moment of silence for those lost in the Holocaust. People stop their cars on the highways and get out to stand silently out of respect for the MILLIONS of lives lost at the hands of ignorance and hate. I wish I could be there to be part of that moment. All I can do is read about the experience from other bloggers and close my eyes and imagine..

For more information on the Holocaust please check out the Holocaust Chronicle. It is a big beautiful hardcover book that I bought for a mere $20 and is also *fully* available to read online for free. It was published and printed at a low cost in order to make sure it was available at a reasonable price to anyone who wanted to learn more (and for those who can't afford it's FREE online! what more can you ask for?). Please support the organization by stopping by and maybe you'll even learn a little something.

Many say that Jews bring up the Holocaust too much, that it is used as an excuse or a crutch. But tell me... if you lost 6 million of your people would you ever let yourself forget? To stop talking about it would be the beginning of forgetting. We must not forget what happened and that it can happen again. We must remember those that were lost and continue to share the stories of their lives so they may live on.

In 2004 anti-semitism reached a 15 year high....and unless we remind people that it is unacceptable it's entirely possible that another Holocaust could take place. So today I ask you to remember. And when you hear someone make an anti-semitic remark... have the strength to stand up and say that's not right. And remember why.
Remember the Jews, the Blacks, the physically and mentally handicapped, the gays and all the other minorities lost. This doesn't just effect the Jews.. It affects us all. I'll tell ya what... if you stand up for me, I will stand up for you. Deal?