Thursday, May 12, 2005
Yom Ha'atzmaut
Happy 57th Birthday, Israel! Yes, in true Israeli style, the country went from it's most somber and saddest of days (Yom Hazikaron, their memorial day marking the remembrance of all the fallen soldiers who died so that Israel may exist) to the very happiest of days....Yom Ha'atzmaut. Independence Day!

I wrote and absolutely glowing and gushing post about this event last year if you care to read it. As for this year.. I just feel like quietly celebrating all that Israel has managed to overcome and achieve. This year saw Israel's first gold Olympic medal, for example. Think Israel is all about war and religion? Check out this website, Israel21c, where you will learn about how Israel is growing red algae in the desert to fight diseases, harnessing the power of tea tree oil for healthier agriculture growing, or how Israel is quickly becoming the top exporter of top-of-line bath towels to Las Vegas. Or maybe try reading the group blog Israelity where Israeli bloggers share posts about everyday life in Israel, with no talk of politics or war, to get an idea of what life there is really like.

Today is the day you should make an effort to shift your view about what really goes on in Israel. It's is not a place where people live in terror and walk around in flak jackets. This is a living, thriving, breathing country with amazing people, an amazing culture and some of the best food and beaches in the world.

Today I celebrate Israel. AM YISRAEL CHAI!