Friday, April 29, 2005
random thoughts as I dream of the weekend, mere hours away
First of all, as if I can't stand Bush enough, I'd really like to say a big screw you for ruining Survivor night for me last night. Thanks to your little speech about I-don't-give-a-flying-fig what, you pre-empted Survivor to 9pm instead of 8pm. I ended up going home instead of staying at Princess Blondie's house to watch it because I was so tired I could barely stay awake let alone until 10pm and then drive 20 mins back to my home. Blondie and I had to settle for watching it apart and calling each other when it ended to discuss our sheer annoyance that our favourite played had been voted out. I blame it all on Bush.

On Tuesday I did something interesting... I went and spent the day with my friend 'Melra' (you've seen her comment on here from time to time) and her grade 5 class. It was a great experience and I would happily do it again. It's fun seeing my friends at their jobs! So out of context from how I know them. And kids these days! Pfft! lol

As a wacky side story, I was sitting in the staff room with Melra and another teacher when I remarked outloud that I was going to start calling the other teacher Casper. There was no real reason why I chose that name, I just couldn't remember what his real name was and this was the closest I could come up. And then, I swear not 2 minutes later, a kid came walking into the staff room wearing a Casper shirt. I kid you not!! We were all a little freaked out by the coincidence... it was truly bizarre.

You like books? There's a big book sale going on over at Book I have shopped there several times before and can't recommend them enough. Cheap stuff (even when not on sale) and reasonable shipping cost, so go check 'em out.

You like Paper/Rock/Scissors? Here's an online version and if you scroll down there is a list of links to a whole bunch of other online versions. Maybe if you get real good you can come to Toronto for the world championships! (I tells ya, I can't make this shit up! look how seriously these referees take their jobs!)

Why does Joan of Arcadia make me cry every single time I watch it? Last week I cried when there was a scene involving a synagogue burning down and a firefighter walking out of the flames with the Torah in his arms. For reasons I cannot possibly explain, seeing that the fire fighter went in and specifically rescued the Torah totally made me cry. I know, it's a tv show.

Tonight I am heading to the gym after work and then out to see another Israeli documentary called "Wall" about the security fence in Israel. I am very much looking forward to it and will give my thoughts on it tomorrow. Meantime I wish everyone a happy and safe weekend. Mulder, I hope you are ok. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Shabat Shalom