Sunday, April 24, 2005
hope springs eternal
Well, I just spent a stressful hour and a half filling out the forms for financial aid for my (possible) trip to Israel, via the 5 month Livnot program. Of course I say "possible" because it all hinges on this form and how well it's received. I must say, by filling it all out and making a list of my expenses it's no bloody wonder I am so damn poor. I really have no business taking this trip but that's not much going to stop me. All reason is getting tossed out the window if money falls into my lap allowing me to pursue this dream.

Anyway, this form has to be in Israeli hands by May 1st.... Saturday... so I will have to shell out big money to courrier it there on time. I blame myself for dragging my feet (I seem to need a deadline to really inspire me) and I also blame the fact that I got mixed messages on whether or not I could e-mail it, fax it or snail-mail it. As it turns out it *has* to be snail-mailed (due to signatures) which I didn't find out until last week. So mail it I will. Keep your fingers crossed folks, and hope that my letter pleading my case falls into the right hands.

In case you are wondering about the picture of me it's not about vanity (since I just put up a pic of myself recently) it's about me showing off the new toy I got today while at a toy show with my geek friends today. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I finally got my hands on the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) Givati Recon soldier I have been seeking for months now. The gentleman who sold it to me remembered me asking for it last year so he made a point of bringing it to the show today in the hopes I'd be there. I squealed with delight and quickly made this mini-Israeli mine (and I wonder why I'm poor??).

Ugh, between the excitement over my new toy and anxiety about this financial aid application, I'll never get to sleep tonight. Hope everyone had a great weekend!