Saturday, April 16, 2005
in the partial dark
It's nearly midnight on a Saturday night and right now I have my landlord is in my apartment trying to determine why certain parts of my apartment don't have power. It seems that all the circuits on a wall that runs down the middle of my apartment (dividing the kitchen from the living area) have a greatly reduced amount of power getting to them. When I turn on the lights, for instance, the bulbs give a very faint glow but offer no real light. And luckily for me this is also the wall that my fish tank and refrigerator plug into. So. My landlord has brought in an extension cord and we have the fish tank's heater and filter running now.... but what about all the food in my freezer and fridge? Given that tomorrow is a Sunday and electricians may not be plentiful this is not a good scenario. Hmm..... fish or freezer? Which shall I save? My landlord has gone back to his house to hunt for another extension cord in an effort to save my food since I indicated to him that I was none too pleased at the prospect of replacing all the frozen food I have (it's gotta total upwards of $100).
Do I know how to have fun on a Saturday night OR WHAT?? I think it's because I have to be out the door by 7:40am for my meditation group that this is happening. *sigh*

Moving right along.....

I rushed to get to the theatre for the first showing of the day of Amityville Horror; the 1:30pm show. I went to one of the automatic machines to buy my tickets and was miffed to see that the show was actually at 1:15pm. "What the f@#k??" I thought. I doubled checked the time before I left my house, I was *sure* it was at 1:30pm, and now it's 1:25pm and I will have missed the trailers (come on, who doesn't love the trailers??). I grabbed my ticket from the machine, glanced at what theatre I was supposed to be in (11) and ran towards it. The girl ripped my ticket and told me it was the last one down the hall, and off I went. As I entered I saw that the trailers were still going and that there was one other couple in the theatre. Good, nice and empty just the way I like it. I went to the very back, sat down, and started nibbling on the ice cream cone I snuck in from home. A minute later the movie started.... only I noticed something odd. The lettering for the credits seemed... uncharacteristic for what I was seeing. It seemed kinda...ritzy.. kinda glam. Then I saw Queen Latifah and realized.. oh dear God, I was in the wrong frikkin' theatre. Shit! I stood up, jammed my ice cream cone back into it's wrapper (coz you're not supposed to bring outside food into the theatre), hid it back in my purse and made my way back down the stairs to head out and find the right theatre. As I walked out I pulled the ticket from my pocket to see what the problem was.... was the girl who directed me wrong? Was I wrong? The ticket? Ah yes... indeed I had somehow bought a ticket to Beauty Shop instead of Amityville Horror. I walked back to the girl, explained that I was now going to enter the theatre I *meant* to buy a ticket for and she said it was fine. Whew.

So? Was Amityville Horror the fright-fest I was hoping for? Of course not. But that's not to say that it was bad..... it was just ok. I thought Ryan Reynolds was actually pretty good (and who knew that the guy has a killer bod?? you go, Alanis!!) though the movie was pretty formulaic. But it wasn't the worst film ever (unlike Van Helshit or Alone in the Dark) and would probably frighten lots of people. Just not me. :-/
Oh well, better luck next time.

In very happy news... thanks to one Miss Priss I now am in a state of file sharing bliss! She was kind enough to offer me a program and then kind enough to waste an evening figuring out why it wasn't working on my computer and basically acting like technical support for me until I got it working. Talk about an angel! So I am a very very happy camper now and owe her one, bigtime! I think you should all go on over to her blog and pay her a visit.... to know her is to love her. Thanks, Priss!!!

Also, to add a little excitement to my day I have been having a feud with a seller on eBay that I bought something from a month ago. Perhaps you would like to click on "contact seller" and tell her that you heard she was a petty and bitter woman and that you would never buy anything from her. Don't give her my blog URL or anything, I could do without her flaming my blog (she's already writing plenty of delightful e-mails to me), but since she's screwing me over I'd like to let her know that she's not just losing one customer. I'm sure when you look at that page you'll be able to figure out which buyer is me. lol! If nothing else, I am here to entertain you guys!

And with that I bid you goodnight!