Sunday, April 17, 2005
happy news from Israel
Stop the presses!!! Phil Collins is going to be doing a concert in Israel this November!!! This is way better than the news of The Scorpions playing in Israel! Could there be more to follow? Could Bobby Brown be next? (no wait... is he in jail again? ok, could Debbie Gibson be next?) Eek! The flood gates may very well be open, can't you just feel the electricity in the air??

So I was surfing around the other day when I came across this wacky headline: Students re-enact Red Sea crossing -- with wine. Seems there was a bizarre contest going on in which "special contraptions had to cross a three-meter (10-foot) distance pool of water representing the Red Sea in the middle, pour wine into a glass and place it on the far side". And of course, those nutty Jews!, it was all timed with the upcoming holiday of Passover (you know, when that whole parting of the Red Sea thing happened).

Ha! See? Israel IS a fun place, kiddies!