Wednesday, February 02, 2005
to link or not to link... that is the question
Well, let me just thank you all for your efforts when it came to voting for me over at the Jewish And Israeli Blog Awards. Under the category of "Best Personal Blog (group B)" I came in 4th place, which is none too shabby (you can see the results here). I appreciate all your kind words and support, everyone. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It also made me think about how such things turn into a strange popularity contests. It is for this reason that I normally steer clear of these events, but this time I decided to make it a fun little activity. Despite recognizing that I likely wouldn't win I felt it was a nice opportunity to have more people come on over and check out my blog. The more the merrier, and I have enjoyed hearing from some new readers.

And all this got me thinking about how people react to such things as being blogrolled and de-blogrolled (or linked and then de-linked, if you prefer). Coincidentally the same topic is being discussed over on Planet Janet and it has been interesting to get people's views on the matter. For me, I feel a great sense of flattery when I find out someone has linked me on his/her blog and I didn't even know about. It feels like a secret admirer since this person often doesn't comment on my blog, yet likes me enough to link me on his/hers (like TheatreTech, whom I found out had linked me, but I never knew how she found my blog. She never comments and damnit, she has no comments on her blog for ME to comment to her! get a commenting system, woman!!). That's the best kind of linking coz it gives ya a little boost... makes you feel quietly appreciated.

Then there are those that you chat up all the time through comments on both your blogs. These are the people you read regularly and who read you. You swap links, you love each other's blogs, and all is well in your blogging world. These are the comfort links, the ones you know will likely remain a constant.

I have been de-linked a couple of times. Most notably I was de-linked by JJ over at Israel Midnight Cafe because he didn't agree with my seeing the movie The Passion of the Christ, and more importantly, he didn't agree with the fact that I didn't see it as being as anti-Semitic as we were lead to believe. However, JJ and I worked our differences out and we remain on each other's blogroll even today. I also noticed that I have been de-linked by one Mr. Gil Ben Mori, a lovely Israeli chap that was part of the Blogger Bash in Israel last September. It seemed to occur when he did a revamping of his blog, removing all the links and then slowly he added them back... only mine was never returned to his list. *sniff* I'm crushed gill, crushed!!! Ok, maybe not crushed. Maybe just mildly confused. Oh well.

Then there are the blogs that I secretly wish would link me. I'm not sure why, perhaps because I admire their work and would be honoured if they did. It's a strange need for acknowledgement (or is it acceptance?) from someone I admire, I suppose. At any rate, on my "wishlist" of bloggers I'd like to link me are Meryl and Allison. I have been mentioned in a post by Meryl once, but never linked in her blogroll. Admittedly I was thrilled to be mentioned, feeling like a happy puppy that just had a biscuit tossed her way. lol. And Allison I met at the Blogger Bash in Israel so I can only wonder... why have you forsaken me Allison?? WHY?? lol.

Anyway, those are the two that I would mainly like to be linked on, but oh well. I'm not gonna stake my blogging self esteem on the issue, it's just a link. ... right?

Now let's hear from you guys... what's your take on the matter?