Monday, January 03, 2005
ice, ice baby
I am a bitter bitter woman today. Yesterday I was supposed to head up north for a day-long meditation retreat but we were smacked with one of the worst ice storms I have ever seen. Being the hearty Canadian I am I attempted to drive in it anyway, coz hey, if we stopped driving everytime the weather got bad we'd never go anywhere in the winter. I've driven in some pretty treacherous conditions, I figured this wouldn't be much worse. But halfway there I realized I made an incredibly foolish decision and was putting my life in great peril. The highways were terrifying to be on. They were, in essence, skating rinks. As I drove along I thought to myself...where are the sand trucks? WHERE are the salt trucks??? Taxpayers want to know!!! Soon the windshield wipers were covered in thick ice (check out the pic!!) and were no longer doing their job. It became clear that I was in deep shit, so I called my mom, discussed the matter with her, and decided to turn around and go back to my place. I had to stop twice to smash the ice off the windshield wipers. I did stop and get groceries on the way home (well I was out anyway!) and that made me feel like the entire trip wasn't wasted. But I was *very* disappointed I didn't get to the retreat, I had been looking forward to it for a month.

Of course the weather warmed up later in the day to a "sweltering" 9C/48F, melting the ice and any remaining snow we had. Figures. It was so warm I got out one of my lighter jackets to wear for the rest of the day, and cursed the weather gods for making it icey just long enough to ruin something I was looking forward to. Today is the same, with temperatures that are unseasonably warm. It's nice and all, even if the timing is all wrong.
Anyway, the day ended on a nice note as my parents and I went to Princess Blondie's house to visit and play cards all night. A good time was had by all.

Today has been pretty productive so far (we'll ignore the fact that I had a nightmare while sleeping last night about dead bodies floating by me in a river. I think I've been reading too much about the tsunami disaster), having already gone to the gym this morning and for lunch (dim sum!) with a couple of my friends. Now I'm gonna have a nap, maybe write a "Dear John" e-mail, and then I'm off to see 3, count 'em, THREE movies with a friend of mine starting at 5pm. We're looking to spend the night in the theatre catching Darkness, The Aviator and Meet the Fockers. What can I say, I have a bit of a movie habit and a day off. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.