Saturday, January 01, 2005
I began the new year as I have the last several.... surrounded by my nearest and dearest friends, often drinking themselves stupid and making complete asses of themselves. I love my friends to death and all, but I forgot how annoying it can be in a room full of drunken people when you yourself are not partaking. Drunkards come in all varieties, from the quiet, happy and smiling drunk to the loud, obnoxious and attention seeking delinquent. It was due to the latter that I finally got up and left the party at 3am, saying I had had enough of his bullshit. It was this chap in particular that I recall having annoyances with in the past when he drank, but had forgotten since I hadn't be privy to this vile behaviour since last year.

But I digress. Overall it was a wonderful night; we ordered food, shared laughs, took piles of pictures, played cards, played a board game (that the aforementioned asshole spilled beer all over. what a joy since I *just* got the game and was playing it for the first time at this party), watched the countdown, played more cards, ate more junkfood, laughed some more and eventually went home to bed. When all was said and done I was crawling into bed by around 4am. Not too bad.

Today was a nice laid back day. I didn't sleep in (ugh, I just can't seem to. it's not for lack of want, I assure you) so I'm pretty bagged now. 4 hours simply isn't enough, I see that now. My old neighbours (Princess Blondie and Bruno) came over to my place, and we exchanged gifts and hung out a bit. It was lovely. And I just got in from having dinner with a couple of friends. Mmm... Thai. And now I am ready for bed and it's not even 9pm. Tomorrow I'm getting up early and heading up north for the day for an all day meditation event and then I'll be back down to go over to Princess Blondie's for a night of card playing.

Now that I look at it, this could well be the most boring post I've ever written and I apologize for that. I'm tired and prone to rambling so I'll spare you now, and bid you goodnight. Hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year.