Wednesday, December 29, 2004
and the propaganda machine keeps on rolling..
Ok, I just can't NOT mention this unbelievable piece of Arab hate propaganda going on in Iran. There is an actual tv program that would have it's audience believe that Israelis are harvesting children's eyes. I'm tellin' ya, you can't make this stuff up! (unless of course you are an Arab with a hate on for Jews)

"Iran's Sahar 1 TV station is currently airing a weekly series titled "For You, Palestine," or "Zahra's Blue Eyes." The series premiered on December 13, and is set in Israel and the West Bank. It broadcasts every Monday, and was filmed in Persian but subsequently dubbed into Arabic.

The story follows an Israeli candidate for Prime Minister, Yitzhak Cohen, who is also the military commander of the West Bank. The opening sequence of the show contains graphic scenes of surgery, and images of a Palestinian girl in a hospital whose eyes have been removed, with bandages covering the sockets.

In Episode 1, Yitzhak Cohen lectures at a medical conference on the advances being made by Israeli medicine regarding organ transplants. Later in the episode, Israelis disguised as UN workers visit a Palestinian school, ostensibly to examine the children's eyes for diseases, but in reality to select which children's eyes to steal to be used for transplants.

In Episode 2, the audience learns that the Israeli president is being kept alive by organs stolen from Palestinian children, and an Israeli military commander is seen kidnapping UN employees and Palestinians.

Sahar TV also broadcast an interview with the director of the series, a former Iranian education ministry official, who discussed his motivations for making a series "about children."

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who is dumbstruck by this? Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, it's no secret that most of the Arab world has been feeding lies like this to their people for centuries, but I guess I am just stunned by how blatant this anti-semitism is (then again, it was the Christians who came up with one of the greatest lies of all... that Jews drank the blood of children! nothing like being charged with a blood libel to make you really popular!) For transcript excerpts of the show as well as clips from the show click here. Behold the evil Jewish plot to rob Arab children of their eyes! Bwah ha ha!!

Makes me glad I got a certain book as a gift this holiday season: The Case For Israel, by Allan Dershowitz. It is an extremely well written book designed to help dispel myths and horrible distortions of the truth that Israel faces everyday from the media and the generally misinformed world.

Despite it's heavy material the book is nicely broken down into very digestible and easy to understand chapters devoted to breaking down myths and outlining the facts. Each chapter addresses a particular issue/question, such as: Did European Jews displace Palestinians? Was the U.N. Partition Plan Unfair to Palestinians? Has Israel Engaged in Genocide against Palestinian civilians? Is Targeted Assassination of Terrorist Leaders Unlawful? (see the table of contents) Tough questions, to be sure. And the answers are all backed with facts and it's sources outlined. It's a fantastic read for anyone who speaks in defense of Israel or for anyone who wishes to understand the conflict and read from a source that isn't part of the Arab propaganda machine. I urge all of you to get a copy (libraries do still exist!) though given the lack of response to a recent post on a similar topic I would say there's isn't much chance you will. If you are curious give it a try.... here's a link to a few of the pages of the book for you to read.

And for something a little lighter and amusing check out YidGear, the shirts your Rabbi warned you about! I would personally be overjoyed to own the "I Love Eilat" shirt on this page, but would be as equally happy with any of the Hebrew ones. I wanted to buy a shirt with some Hebrew on it when I was in Israel, but do you know how hard it is to find one (that doesn't suck)??

Oh, and if you haven't donated to the tsunami effort yet, I have to ask.... why not? Is $5 really too much to ask?? Yalla, GO AND DONATE.