Friday, January 07, 2005
I dream of snow
I didn't write for a few days, didja notice that? I spout three posts in one day and then don't write for another three. I'm funny that way. Sometimes I think I have plenty to say, and some days I got nothin'.

Yesterday I was going to write an entire post about snow, but then I thought maybe you guys were tired of hearing about me go on and on about snow and how I love it (besides, I didn't get *nearly* as much snow as Celti did). It seems all I have to do is complain that the snow we had melted in order to make it snow again. Yesterday morning we got bitch-slapped with another storm with some of the craziest weather I have ever seen. Fine drifting snow one minute, ice pellets the next, and then giant beautiful snow flakes after that. I had decided in my infinite wisdom to go out and scrape my car periodically throughout the day so I wouldn't have a huge buildup of ice like I did before (here and here) that took 45 mins to get off. When I went out to scrape the car before lunchtime I actually found those little ice pellets hurt as the bounced off my ears and face. Ow! OW!! Rotten little buggers were pinging off everything, it was really quite the sight.

Anyway, that's all over now and it doesn't look much like we had a storm yesterday; today it is bright, beautiful and sunny (if not a wee bit chilly). According to the weatherman we're supposed to get more snow tonight. And then, because the weather is freaky this year, it's supposed to warm up to 14C/57F next week. Say what?? Ok, that's downright bizarre for January in Toronto.... this time last year it was -40C/-40F. But hey, I'll take it. :-)

Oh and folks.... I hope you have donated to the tsunami relief. I don't wanna have to nag you in every post, but it's important we don't forget what's going on just because it's been a week or two (not that we CAN forget with all the news coverage). I know you can spare five bucks, so skip the Iced Caramel Macchiato with skim milk and no caramel, and instead give the money to help those in distress. We are all in this world together.