Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Arafat the 2nd
I don't know why I thought this, but I had really hoped and believed that real change would come from the death of Arafat. I had hoped that the next person to take power, Mahmoud Abbas, would finally take control of an out of control situation with the Palestinians and seek real peace. Yes, I realize I was naive but like everyone else who cares about Israel I wanted to believe it was possible with new leadership. And in the beginning it looked like this could be it. Abbas talked of change and negotiations instead of armed struggle.

However, his true colours are now showing as he calls Israel the "Zionist enemy", and in a campaign speech Monday, he vowed never to take up arms against militant groups. He believes in working with terrorist oraganizations rather than squashing them. In other words, you can lop off the head of Arafat, but a new one will grow in its place.

I am deeply saddened and grieve for the peace process.