Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Jewish Blog Awards
Dave over at Israellycool has organized the first Jewish Blog Awards, having created all manner of categories. I had not even really read over much of it because I know that my blog isn't "Jewish enough" for most of those specifically seeking a Jewish blog. Laughably, that's the story of my life... I'm not Jewish enough for many Jews! lol

Anyway, I had paid little attention to these awards for there are many fabulous and much better blogs out there than mine (that focus more on Israel and Jewish issues than I do), and therefore there was little chance I would be nominated. Just see my blogroll for examples of some the excellent Jewish blogs out there. I was content to continue flying under the radar of such awards, as they seem to stir a strange and often competitive frenzy in some folks. And heck, the pressure of having to write for a bigger audience can be a bit daunting. That and it changes the way you write.... you end up writing for others instead of yourself, ya know?

Finally this morning I decided to look over the categories and toss in my nominations for the blogs I like when I came across a nomination for MY blog!! Thanks to the kindest, sweetest blogger ever, Solomon, I have been nominated for Best Personal Blog. I was surprised and incredibly flattered. And now I understand what all those celebrities mean when they say "It's an honour just to be nominated", because it is. Thank you for thinking of me Solomon! I appreciate it. :-)