Friday, January 07, 2005
Ha guf sheluch sexy uvul ha partsoof shel uch cmo Texi.
How lucky for us. has put out an article entitled "Who is Mahmoud Abbas?" to help us get to know the wonderful new Palestinian leader likely to be elected this Sunday. It outlines how this terrific new leader "believes the only way to peace with Israel is through negotiation" and yet "has campaigned for the votes of Palestinian militants, many of whom continue to reject Israel's right to exist and who have refused to stop their attacks on Israelis despite his appeals." How fabulous! It sounds like peace finally has a chance! Because, historically, when you give 'militants' (aka: terrorists) what they want they just go away, right?

Anyway, for something amusing go check out this great site I found on how to swear in Hebrew. Full points go to Israelis for coming up with such colourful phrases as "Your body is sexy, but your face is like a Taxi".

Shabat Shalom.