Thursday, December 23, 2004
ask and ye shall RECEIVE!!!!!!!
Holy wow, Batman..... we have one helluva storm going here (as does most of eastern North America it would seem). It started yesterday and hasn't let up yet. In fact, it's getting worse. All over the news this morning we were being urged to stay off the roads. I knew the roads were bad because my mother called and woke me up at 6:30am this morning just to inform me. This made me especially happy since I was kept awake for half an hour as the snow plow scraped by my window at 4am. I was *well* aware of the snow situation.

I felt like a fool as I stepped outside to head to my car and saw that I was the *only* idiot in my apartment building who was going to attempt to go to work. I was concerned by the fact that the snow was deep, giving NO indication that it had been plowed 4 hours prior. In order to get my Civic to move through the snow I had to move fast and not stop so I gunned it out of my parking space, slide my way towards the driveway and floored it to get up the driveway (since it's on a bit of a hill, I didn't want to slide backwards). I prayed as I headed for the street, hoping no one would be coming because I did NOT want to stop. I slowed enough to let one car past and then I put the pedal to the metal to try and clear the bank of snow across the top of my driveway, left behind by the snow plows. For a fleeting moment the centre of my car got a bit hung up on the snow bank causing me to panic as I saw a snow plow heading my way. I pressed on the gas pedal on and off a few more times and finally got enough momentum to clear the bank. Whew!

Here's the real problem with this storm... it's not longer a snow storm. It's freezing ice. So ice pellets are now bouncing all over the place and sticking to surfaces such as GLASS. Windshields. Windows. (I kid you not, check out the pictures I *just* took of my office window covered in a sheet of ice, here and here) Or metal! Cars. Plows. Traffic lights and signs. Makes for a real adventure when your windshield is ice coated while you drive.

Anyway, I made it into work but hundreds did not. I also spoke to a friend of mine who is trying to catch a flight today to see her parents on the east coast. I wished her the best of luck since hardly, if any, flights are leaving, especially for the east coast where the storm is heading. She has a long hard day ahead, and I told her to call me if she gives up and I would go get her (since I work *right* beside the airport).

I'll tell you what's interesting though... that photo you see from my post 3 days ago (showing me in my car) was featured on a French website that gathers various pictures from photoblogs. Check it out! (for those not familiar with French the post reads: "In Canada... the weather is really cold". Yay!! All that French I was made to learn in school is finally paying off. I knew it would be good for *something* someday!! ) :-P

For those who are also in this storm, I hope you take care. For those who are not...come on, I KNOW you're jealous!!! :-P

Oh..and Happy Birthday, Corey. Hope you have a good one....