Friday, November 12, 2004
Chaos in Ramallah!!! Oh lord, leave it to the Palestinians to make a mess of the funeral/burial of their "beloved leader", Arafat. Right now on my local Toronto news channel I am seeing live footage of the huge crowd of mourners as they swarm the helicopters carrying the dignitaries and Arafat's body. So out of control is the crowd that they cannot even drop the doors open on the copters to get the people and coffin out!

I am simply amazed that my little local news channel is running the footage for this long, actually foregoing any commercials and other news in order to show this. I'm impressed! This is the channel Toronto goes to for traffic and weather reports in the morning! I have flipped over to CNN and they are doing the same, showing the footage of the crowd. Shots are being fired in the air.....

Here comes the coffin! And the crowd goes wild!!! lol

Anyway, for various bios on Arafat, check out Meryl's compilation of links, though I suggest starting with this one. I don't care to spend too much time talking about Arafat... he doesn't deserve it.

oh wait... I just noticed a Canadian flag being waved in the crowd of people, among the Palestinian flags.