Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Today I choose to be happy.
I will not let news of another suicide bomber in Israel ruin my day. Instead I will be happy. I am happy because the weather is warm and beautiful and I can smell autumn in the air. Soon the colours of the leaves will be a gorgeous palette of orange, yellow and red. I can't wait, I love the changing of the seasons.

And I'm in a good mood coz I'm mailing off something to a fellow blogger. First of all, I love mailing packages and letters to people. I love spoiling people I like, and who doesn't love getting mail?? It's such a rarity now, and that makes getting something that much more special. It's a simple gesture and yet it can mean so much. Second, I love mailing things to other bloggers! It's such an odd yet wonderful bond you create when you read each others blogs, and then to make actual friends... I dunno, I just think it's great. (yikes, I'm sounding like a total cornball, I know) I have sent packages to bloggers in Israel, Japan, California and now North Carolina. *grin*

I haven't had time at work to finish posting my vacation pics (I only posted about 75 out of 220), but now that I've started it I am really excited and anxious to finish it. I think if I knuckle down tonight I can finish it and unveil it. I have devoted a new photoblog to it instead of using my main one because there are SO many pictures; I thought I would just give it it's own space. I'll aim for tomorrow and let you know.
*fingers crossed*