Saturday, August 28, 2004
all things great and small
Can I just tell you how much I love Israel? *sigh* I love all the little things.... the trees, the different colour of the soil, the architecture, the lizards.... However, the heat is a bit much for this cold blooded Canadian. Thankfully, my host is being *very* tolerant of my whining. I swear to God, I must complain about the heat every other minute, especially if we are outside in the sun. I keep expecting to just burst into flames.

Today we took a tour of "Mini Israel". Oh, rapture! lol For those not in the know, it is a mini theme park kinda thing, in which all kinds of famous Israel sites are build on a much smaller scale. It's amazing how much detail was put into all the models. I really had a great time. Our little tour of Mini Israel was hurried along as we got hotter and hotter....the Canadian was sure she was gonna melt. *wink* (I'm telling you, I could melt!!)
Have a look at the Mini Israel site if you are interested.

I have taken some pictures so far but I haven't felt like posting them on my blog because I have to download the stupid program in order to upload the pics to the blog and this isn't my I don't know how I feel about doing that. But mostly I think I'm just lazy in this heat. :-P
Maybe tomorrow...