Thursday, August 26, 2004
Israel, here I come!
Sleep? Who needs sleep, really? Pfft. I laugh in the face of sleep.
Actually that's not not entirely true, I'm kinda wishing I had gotten more of it, but what can ya do?
And my body is dealing with the stress/excitement in some rather unspeakable ways. It's hard to say who's team my body is on, but at 5am it clearly was not on my side. I'll spare you the details.

So I am showered and dressed, and grabbing a quick breakfast and then I am out the door!!
I thank everyone for your well wishes, they are much appreciated. I will do my best to blog from Israel and post some pictures, of course.

Woot woot!!!! (<-- note the enthusiasm PRIOR to the 12 hour plane ride....I'll be lucky if I can muster this much excitement by the time I get there. here's hoping for a good inflight movie. *fingers crossed*)

Oh, and this article totally made me cry this morning.

see ya in Israel!