Friday, July 09, 2004
done and done
Well, after two hard nights of sluggin' it, it's official; Princess Blondie has left the building. *sigh* My bestest buddy and her boyfriend Bruno have moved out of our apartment building and into their new home. Wednesday night was the highlight of the event as we had loaded up four separate vehicles and had the moving convoy on the road in the pouring (and I mean driving) rain. The only problem was that the trailer that had the furniture wasn't a covered trailer, so everything got soaked. Oops. Not such a good thing for the couch.
The rest of the moving was done last night as we once again filled up all the vehicles and brought the rest of the stuff to the new home. I don't envy all the unpacking that has to be done, but I do envy the laundry room if nothing else. LOL. So the whole thing is bittersweet for me....I am thrilled for them and their new home (they have such a wonderful base from which to build their lives together), but on the other hand the apartment building feels empty without them. It was a bit sad this morning. This is now the third time in less than two years that I have helped a best friend pack up to move, it's really starting to give me a complex. lol. At least this time my friend only moved 15 mins away instead of Israel and England like the other two. Whew. :-) Gotta count your blessings, right?

Ok, let's end this post a happy and fun note. Let me share some sites with you that made me laugh yesterday. First, have a look at this clip of a man making a complete ass of himself by actually recording himself dancing and singing along to a record. Sometimes people shouldn't have webcams (but thank god he did, it's hilarious!!). And here is THE most impressive movie made out of Lego I have ever seen!!! It's a Spider-Man short movie (loosely based on the Spider-Man 2 movie) and it's the most brilliant use of Lego ever! It's fluid, it's well filmed, and well thought out. Go see it, I promise it'll impress.

And if superheroes are your thing (like they are mine), check out this hilarious site that has pictures of grown up men making fools out of themselves by dressing up as Superman for the Superman Festival. What's it like to be so shameless, I wonder?
All this funny stuff and SO much more from the brilliant site: I implore you to have a look, it's a hilarious site, and you can be sure I'll be putting a permanent link to this badboy in my links section.

And for gaming geeks (be it Dungeons and Dragons or X-Box or whatever) I have found the site for you: For like-minded geeks to gather and hopefully find love. What could be better??

And I'd really like to mention once again that I have an ongoing love affair with soymilk. I hope I don't make myself sick of it from the large quantities I insist on ingesting each day, but so far soymilk can do no wrong in my world. As it stands, my favourite brand is Natura because it's not as thick as some other brands. Mmm-mm, good!!!! If *only* they didn't package it in such small quantities.. I need more!! I'm telling you, if someone had told me a year ago I'd not only be drinking this stuff, I'd be LOVING it too, I would have told you that you were a big fat liar. Firefox and soymilk, my two new loves. lol

So I am thinking of going to the Toronto Street Festival this weekend. It's this cool event running for three days in which they shut down the main street in Toronto and set up stages for various shows, be it musical, performance, or even movies. It's SO cool to walk around where you normally can't for fear of being mowed down by cars. So much to see and do, and I went last year and had a blast. We'll see.

I also talked to Oren on the phone yesterday for almost an hour. Why oh why does he have to live in Israel? *sigh* The good ones always live so far away... (come on baby, you know you wanna move to Canada! *wink*) Thanks for calling, sweetie. It was good to hear your voice.

Shabat Shalom!