Thursday, July 01, 2004
Today is when I go from being a quiet and polite Canadian citizen to a loud and proud homegrown Canadian. I have a flag on my car, on the door of my apartment and tonight as a centre piece on the dinner table. I am having my neighbour Princess Blondie and her boyfriend Bruno over for dinner tonight, and I am decorating everything all white and red for Canada Day. I have balloons, napkins and a tablecloth. I am even serving vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries sliced on top for dessert. :-)

I am enjoying the logo over at to acknowledge the day. Ah yes, the loon. After all, Canada is all about loons, moose, geese, beavers, maple syrup , Mounties and of course hockey. Our souvenirs about say it all, don't they? LOL! For more information on what Canada is *really* all about here is great site put together by our government, including a MAP. Something I think my American cousins should have a look at..ya might learn something (I could probably name all of your States and pretty closely place them on a map of America...could you do the same with Canada and it's provinces? come on, only 10 *provinces* and 3 territories!). Also, I highly recommend checking out this site, Earth Trek, for some of the most amazing photos ever; it's a site in which people submit pictures they have taken during their travels and it has photos from all over the world. It has some wonderful pictures of my beautiful and diverse country including these ones specifically from Toronto....check it out!

Since today is a holiday and I have the day off I have finally had time to do a big apartment cleanup. It's been quite messy since I have been in and out of town over the last month, on top of being sick for a week and a half. Nothing like guests coming over to really inspire you to do some cleaning. I am making a big tasty dinner for my neighbours and then we are going out to catch a movie. Yes, I am going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 again. Heh. The neighbour wants to see it and who am I to discourage such good taste? :-P Maybe afterward we'll check in on one of the celebrations going on and see some fireworks.

Anyway, I wish all my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day, including Cassiopeia, Laurie, Crawler, DTB, Lorien and Jonathan.