Wednesday, June 23, 2004
I'm feeling miserable so I'll keep this short
Do I really need to say anything about the beheading of the South Korean man in Iraq? I think my June 20th post about covers it. I said there'd be more to come....I wish I had been wrong. Dare I say there'll be more? :-(

AFI had a show on tv last night naming the top 100 movie songs of all time. Here is the list if you are interested.

....blah blah blah...Bill Clinton....blah blah blah......

Why oh WHY are there reports every damn year about stupid stupid STUPID people leaving their pets or children in a car in the summer heat, only to be simply *amazed* to find said child or dog to be dead when they return??? Some asshole left his puppy in a car yesterday here in Toronto (which died. DUH!) and earlier this week some moron left his 21 month old daughter in a car (for THREE hours!) in Haifa, Israel . Surprise, surprise! She died too. Come on people, terrorism is the least of our problems if you're gonna be this dumb.

Do I sound a little bitter today? Perhaps it's this godforsaken cold that has now moved into my ear canals causing great pressure and therefore immense pain. It's making me a bit disagreeable today. I didn't work Monday, I went home from work early yesterday and I will be leaving work shortly today. This cold is not conducive to working it would seem.
Oh, and a final tip regarding the cough syrup; if you are going to attempt to pour yourself a spoonful of that Buckley's goodness at 4am I would advise turning a light on. Helps reduce the chances of spilling. Hey I was in a haze, what can I say?!?