Wednesday, June 30, 2004
My mom
Today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Right now she is up at Casino Rama seeing a concert. I got her tickets to her very favourite band in the whole wide world....Journey (she thinks Steve Perry is the sexiest singer alive. *shrug*). She has nearly given herself a stroke this past week, especially today, with her high level of excitement. She simply cannot *believe* her favourite band is playing in town ON her birthday. I tried surprising her with it but she heard about the concert on the radio last week and so she figured it out. So now she and my dad are off doing the old school rock thang tonight and having a great time I'm sure.

And yes, that's me in that picture. What little hair I had was blonde and my mom is wearing the most stunning of 70's fashions. How I grew up normal in the 70's is a mystery to me..... people were so fashioned impaired (and it's not like it got better in the 80's!). And dig the woodpanelled wall behind us! *sigh* Those were the good ole days.