Friday, June 25, 2004
here fishy, fishy, fish! Oh where.....could the
See that? That's my ultracool (84 year old!) grandma. She loves fishing. LOVES it. And so today, like every last weekend in June for the last 15 years or more, I will head to my grandma's place. She lives right on a lake (aptly named Fish Lake) and it will be there that we will spend endless hours matching wits with the fish. Sure I am still barking like a dog with this cold, but my grandma would be heartbroken if I broke tradition and didn't come up. She called me yesterday and told me she'd make it worth my while if I would come up. That means lots of grandma's fine cooking. How can I resist? She'll make it worth me hacking up my lungs in the car for 2 hours. ;-)

And then I intend to race back to Toronto (as I do every year) on Sunday in time to catch the annual Gay Pride Parade. Such fun! (Israel is having one today in Tel Aviv!) A million people jam into the downtown core, blocking off the streets and marching the parade right through the heart of the city. It's such a wonderful warm day of celebrations and fun. (pics I took last year here and here)
Booths and floats and waterguns, oh my!

So I'm gonna down some cough syrup and get packing. I wish you all a happy and safe weekend (I probably won't be able to post again until Sunday night). Shabat shalom!