Thursday, June 24, 2004
the circle of life
Despite expecting it I cannot *believe* how crazy the world is getting, day by day.

Terror groups in the Gaza Strip are in an arms race as they get ready to try and take power when Israel pulls out. How frightening is that?

A bus bomb kills at least 5 in Turkey ahead of an upcoming NATO conference.

More than 80 killed and 233 injured in a round of attacks by terrorists in Iraq. And let us make no mistake. They are not insurgents. They are not militants. They are not activists. They are TERRORISTS. Do not let the media tell you otherwise. This, like in Israel, is a case of terrorists vying for power as a vacuum is created and opportunity is presenting itself. Arabs are killing Arabs. Muslims killing Muslims. No one is safe from terrorism.
Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Meanwhile, I got a call a few minutes ago from a close friend of mine; he and his wife are in the hospital and she is about to be induced into labour. Today, as the world seems to be falling apart, they are going to be ushering in a beautiful, sweet baby into the world. Life has a way of fighting to carry on despite great odds and despite all that is going on around it. I cannot wait for this baby to be born...I am very excited for my friends. They are going to be fantastic parents. (UPDATE: My friend had his baby!! MAZAL TOV!!)

And life marches on for me as well. I am home sick for the 4th day now and have been trying mightily for the last 4 hours to cough up my lungs. My abs are killing me and my appetite is non-existent. Coughing is exhausting work. So this leaves me to find ways to occupy my time; the government found me at home yesterday and reminded me I owe several thousands of dollars in back taxes (shyeah, I'll get RIGHT on that! lol). That in turn has me flipping through a rental magazine to maybe find a cheaper place to live for a while. Saving money would be good. And I have been doing a little Hebrew homework, something that is VERY important now that my class has stopped until September. If I don't keep up with my work I will quickly fall behind and forget everything. And I am entertaining the idea of trying out, a company that lets you rent an unlimited number of dvds through the mail for $24.95 a month. You get 4 at a time, though you can send them back one at a time as soon as you are finished watching it, and they will send you the next one (all postage is paid by them and movies arrive within 1 -3 business days). I'm wondering if I would use it enough to warrant the monthly fee (though I know I would have this week!). Any thoughts on this matter are welcome.

I've also been stuck watching bad daytime television and I have come to the conclusion while watching her talkshow that Ellen Degeneres dances way better than I do, and she's only kinda joking around. Even when she's not trying too hard she dances better than me. I dance like a spastic monkey. It's not fair.

Last night there was an awards show for the Canadian Walk of Fame (where we give our famous folk a star on a sidewalk too) and Jim Carrey (yes, he IS Canadian) gave a surprisingly wonderful and moving speech. He almost made me cry. Here's a list of famous Canadians who have been honoured. (didja know that the Warner Brothers were Canadian? now you know. :-)